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ALŸSN is a B2B Sales agency specialized in selling quality and design focused products to retailers and businesses across North America.

Official agency selling brands like Fatboy, SUNNYLiFE, Veradek, Adama, Couture Jardin, Cast Art Studios, Xenia Taler and many more. Since 2015, ALŸSN offers international brands of décor, furniture, homeware, kids and sports accessories for indoors and outdoors that combine functionality and fun.

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Allison O’Dowd


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About me

Holà! My name is Allison and I am a passionate and vibrant human that falls deeply in love with colorful, quality, and innovative product lines in many different categories.


ALŸSN is a one stop shop B2B sales agency specialized in selling mid to high end products to home, garden, pool, kids and sports retailers in North America.


In 2015, I took the reins of my beloved father’s sales agency - formerly known as Diffusion Jardin Maison. My dad (Dennis) was simply the best. He developed incredibly rich relationships with his customers and suppliers over the 20 years he was in business. Everybody loved him. His humour, his outgoing nature and his kind heart made him an ally for retailers in Québec.


My passion for design, for innovative products, sales and offering amazing customer service makes my daily work so much fun. Although my name is spelled Allison with an I, professionally, I found my WHY (Ÿ). Think of ALŸSN to find the hottest lines in your industry!


See you soon.


Allison O’Dowd


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